A Track Record of Significant Results and Satisfied Clients

Transpac Access doesn’t just push a report under the door and leave. Their sourcing experts conduct hands-on work directly with our staff, and they get actual results. Transpac brings a combination of strategic and practical application expertise, and they helped us implement over $8 million in savings. And because they train our staff, their knowledge won’t depart with them at the end of their work.”
CPO, Global OEM

“The difference between Transpac Access and the major consulting firms is that Transpac Access does the real work. They don’t present the troops with surprise findings – they get understanding and commitment from them.”
President, Canadian OEM

Transpac Access got us up to speed on Ariba Sourcing. On thirteen successful live sourcing projects, they taught our buyers how to create sourcing projects on Ariba and how to manage suppliers.  At the completion of the engagement, buyers were trained and motivated to conduct more sourcing projects on their own.”
Director Indirect Goods and Services, US Fortune 500 Company

“Transpac Access helped King Pharmaceuticals design, launch, and implement a sustainable strategic sourcing initiative across many business functions. Transpac has proven expertise in strategic sourcing methodologies. Their team helped us achieve significant savings across a variety of general and pharmaceutical-specific categories.”
Mike Gordon, Senior Manager of Sourcing, King Pharmaceuticals

“We are a small VC funded shop trying to work through logistics and language barriers to connect with a stubborn Chinese supplier who held our fate in his hands. If we had not connected with this supplier, or had been delayed in doing so, our entire product launch would have been in jeopardy. Transpac showed great urgency and professionalism, providing services in days that it would have taken us weeks to arrange on our own. I felt like we had our own Chinese embassy and ambassador.
Jim Srock, VP of Operations and Engineering, ClearCount Medical Solutions

Transpac Access served as 'gasoline' for our transformation processes. Several times, I told Transpac Access, 'I am so glad you were persistent when you were selling your services to us.' The Transpac Access team was an integral part of our team and captured savings of over $1 million.”
VP of Operations, U.S. Health Care System